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Leticia Martínez-Berná


My name is Leticia Martínez-Berná, a nurse specializing in emergencies and out-of-hospital emergencies and a physiotherapist specializing in urogynecology and obstetrics. The healthcare world has always interested me a lot and I studied both majors.  

I started working in the field of nursing and later I decided to dedicate myself to physiotherapy, but it was not until my first pregnancy that my interest in the work that can be done in each stage of a woman's life awoke and I decided to dedicate myself to it for complete: preparation for childbirth, postpartum recovery, sexual dysfunctions, urinary incontinence, pelviperineal pain and other pathologies has required many postgraduate courses and study. Currently, I offer a global approach to not only treat now, but prevent possible ailments and ensure our future quality of life.