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Physiotherapist Leticia Martínez



  • Abdominolumbopelvic pathology related to pregnancy 
  • Preparation for global childbirth: therapeutic physical work focused on each trimester. 
  • Preparation for labor: dilation and delivery: tools we have to work with at that time 
  • Vulvar varicose veins and lower limbs: manual intracavitary and lower limb lymphatic drainage. 
  • Vulvar edema or a sensation of vaginal weight both in pregnancy and in the puerperium. 
  • Treatment of abdominal diastasis and hypotonic abdomen: milta (laser), specific exercises 


  • Urinary incontence
  • Dyspareunia, vaginismus, sexual dysfunctions and other related pain
  • Treatment of recent or old scars: Milta
  •  Wounds healing by second intention: Milta
  • Postoperative: Milta